We offer an outdoor, year round school. Say goodbye to the hassel of puzzling together over crowded and almost full summer camps. Our year round program gives your child the opportunity to truly be part of Asheville's best garden growing season, summer! Sewing seeds, tending the garden beds, planting and getting ready for all the yummy harvest we will have together in the summer. It's always a delicious summer around here! For families that need a more traditional option we offer regular school year enrollment as well.
Note in our calendar that although we are an outdoor school we do not take 5 weeks for winter break like some non traditional schools and because of our unique calendar we do not take the following holidays off that other schools take : Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Martin Luther, or Presidents Day. We have an earlier Spring break during the much colder Appalachian mountain month of February so that we can be in session during, March when Mother Nature is just waking up. March is a magical month for the children. We have so much fun count all the little buds on the rose bushes, and seeing the tulips popping up that we planted in the Fall during our Michaelmas festival.
So we have a unique 2021/22 school calendar. Take a look!