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"One of THE best parts of our move was finding Little Acorn preschool. It’s everything I could want for my children’s early learning - a Waldorf based curriculum focusing on connection with nature, rhythm, art, imagination and outdoor play. Jennifer and Emily have created a warm, peaceful, nurturing environment for these little ones and it warms my heart every single time I walk through the front door."

-Kira Starhill Smith-

"The three years that my son attended classes with Jenny were fundamental in his growth, self confidence, empathy and love for learning. Our son was exposed to daily rhythms, music, nature and movement and it was very apparent that it brought out the best in him. I highly recommend Jenny as a teacher; she is dedicated, caring and very knowledgeable."

-Adriana Oliveira-

"There's no better feeling for a parent than knowing your child is in good hands. Jenny was my daughter's teacher for a few years during the important formative years. Everything from the way Jenny spoke with her class to how she told stories and performed the activities for the day as the class went from one mode to another was so deliberate and full of care. We love Jenny so much, that we regularly hire her to go on wholesome adventures with our daughter. Jenny cares and that's what I want for my child. Thanks Jenny!!"

-Jeff Agostinelli-

"Miss Jenny was my son's kindergarten teacher. Her presence alone is very grounding for children. Add to that her ability to keep activities organized and the children engaged and you have got one solid early childhood teacher.  She is loving and kind and always aware of the little details of your child's growth and development, and strengths and weaknesses.  My son and I were lucky to have had her as his teacher!

-Cara Peters-

Jennifer, the director and lead teacher, will deepen your relationship with your child, instill in them a 

strong foundation. She'll strengthen your web of support along the journey of parenthood." 

-Nicole Yerry

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