As experienced educators we firmly believe in the

3 R's of early learning: Relationships, Repetition,

and Routines.


We offer only 4 day programing, over two or three days, because we know the 3 R's are the most supportive as your dear little begins their first learning journey outside of home. Children need a consistent daily and weekly routine to develop a deep sense of belonging to their class of peers, comfort in their environment and confidence in their ability to anticipate and participate in daily transitions and activities.


In past years, we offered 2 and 3 day enrollment options. But going 4 to 5 days without seeing ones new friends, participating in our daily rhythm, retuning sooner to that wonderful game they made up or missing out on bread or happy soup day just didn't support the 3 R's and it certainly did not feel consistent.  In fact, what we saw was that those 2 or 3 day attending children didn't pick that game back up, they didn't enter deep imaginative play as much as the children that attended 4 consecutive days, and they totally missed out on bread or soup day!

Young children need consistency and time to make strong and healthy social connections to develop a deep sense of belonging to their little class family. They need 

consistency and time to connect and dive deeper into their imaginative play with one other. As advocates for each little human, we firmly believe in giving each child the right amount of time needed to learn and achieve all of these sacred parts of childhood. 


We are not an academic focused program (math, reading, writing). We are a nature, play and learning to be a good and kind human focused program and that nurtures the soul of each child.  Our Waldorf inspired beliefs on the physical development of children informs our daily activities and engages each child's physical, social and mental growth while building a strong foundation for later, academic learning to stand firmly upon. Our mixed age program also provides the opportunity for littles to have helpful older friends to look up to, and for older children to lead by example and thats just a plus.

2021/2022 Tuition and Program Enrollment Offerings:

* COVID UPDATE: For the coming 2021/2022 programming year we will continue to be a fully outdoor program and continue to embrace practices recommended by the CDC.


* All enrollment options are 4 days a wk, Monday-Thursday, 9:00-1:00 

YEAR ROUND SCHOOL ENROLLMENT - September 2021 - August 18, 2022

Tuition: 9333.00 total. Materials fee etc included.

Payment plan options: 

  • 12 monthly payments of  777.75 (Sept- Aug)

  • Quarterly payments of  2,333.25 (Due: Sept 1, Dec 1. March 1, June 1)

REGULAR SCHOOL YEAR ENROLLMENT - September 2021 - May 26, 2022

Tuition: 7235.00 total. Materials fee etc included.

Payment plan options: 

  • 10 monthly payments of  723.50 (Sept. - June)

  • 12 monthly payments of  605.00 (Sept- Aug)

  • Quarterly payments of 1,808.75 (Due: Sept 1, Nov 15, Jan 15, March 15)

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