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The challenge of our time is to find a journey worthy of your heart and soul. Big Acorn After School Arts and Enrichment classes will expand your child's imagination, improve fine motor skills and foster the creative confidence children need to grow and define themselves in todays world! 

Big Acorn Enrichment offers classes and workshops for ages ranging from 7 to adult. Workshops and classes provide an opportunity to expand ones imagination, build creative confidence and have fun while doing it!


Weekly class s programs typically run 3:30-5pm M-Thurs. Some workshops are held on weekends. 

Worried that you won't be able to make it from your child's school to Big Acorn Enrichment classes in time? Don't be! Instruction time begins after 20 minutes of outdoor time for your child to rest their mind, breath, play, socialize and be refreshed so that they may get creative! This is important after a long school day.

Classes are taught by Little Acorn's director and lead teacher, as well as teaching artists in the Asheville area. Jennifer holds a masters degree in Fine art and has over 5 years of extensive experience establishing, teaching and directing unique enrichment classes in school programs up and down the East coast.


We are still determining when our classes will begin running and coming up with lots of unique class offerings . Contact us here for more information!


Leather journal making
Children will explore leather cutting, dying, hammering, binding and burning techniques to create a beautiful, leather journal that will last them a life time! 


Fee: $175, Materials: $35

Ages: 10-13 

Date/Time: TBD- (7 week series)

- Minimum # of students needed to run: 4



Painting with watercolor and ink

Explore unique and different methods for water color and ink painting as they embrace the nature of liquid paint. They will explore formal and abstract approaches to painting using traditional and non traditional 3 foot long brushes, experiment with wax resist, marbleizing paper, and wet on wet painting techniques to create beautiful results! 

Fee: $150, Materials: $35

Age: 7+ 

Date/Time: TBD

- Minimum # of students needed to run: 4


Jewelry Design:

Children will explore various professional and experimental beading techniques while making earrings, necklaces, bracelets, keychains, decorative hangings, hair accessories and more! We will experiment with various sizes and types of beads and feathers including glass, clay, stone, wood and plastic and use different stringing materials like wire, string, cord and leather to create awesome wearable and decorative art! 

Fee:  TBD

Age:  7+

Date/Time: TBD

6 week series

- Minimum # of students needed to run: 4

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