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Little Acorn October Blog

Another school year begins here a Little Acorn. The start of the year always focusing on learning the daily rhythm and all the things of a new school year. This year with the addition of the the water pond, we were able to introduce three fish at class pets. The children named them Bluebell, Chocolate, and the big one Gugone! Part of the daily rhythm is having a daily fish feeder. We were also able to hatch some tadpoles with one frog making Little Acorn its' home.

Fall is the time of year we all marvel at the colors on the trees and notice the nip in the air with the changing of the seasons. And such imaginative play we have had! The school yard has been occupied by its share of horses and kitties, robots who eat spaghetti, and space explores alike. The children are delighted with all the outdoor nature and toys. Their imaginations are so powerful. Even a blue noodle becomes a rock sucker that fills up a lake with pebbles and rocks.

We love preparing our fresh meal everyday here at school. The children help cut vegetables for the soup. They form their bread loaf on bread day. And use the left over bread for croutons in the soup!

We also had a lot of leaves fall from our mighty oak tree. We have kept busy raking them from the ground to make huge pile for jumping in October and November. And we got to have a special circle to celebrate a special birthday!

So now with a new school year started, we look forward to fall in full. So many things for next month. More play, a flower dying project, the Lantern Walk and Thanksgiving. The future a Little Acorn looks good!

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