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The journey of parenthood can be a scary one. Let us take it together!


Parent enrichment nights, spa nights, massage days, craft circles, family bbq's, festivals and unique weekly and weekend programs foster a community of friendship among Little Acorn families. Little Acorn foster and weaves a web of support for families!

Learn all about our many supportive programs below...


Life can feel too busy and chaotic! Wouldn't it be wonderful if dinner was already made one night a week for your little one so you could have more time to relax and connect with your child after work?


Jenny Brantley,  Little Acorn's director and lead teacher, believes in creating more time for families to connect after their long days. She spent many years being a personal chef for busy families and teaching cooking classes to young children. Children love to help cook. Jennifer knows, when children get to participate in making their meals, they are so much more excited to eat them!


Our Helping Hands program helps families do exactly that. Sign your child up for this program and your child will have fun preparing one personal dinner meal a week to bring home and enjoy.

Contact the director for prices and scheduling for the Helping Hands Cooking program.



It's tuff and expensive to buy new clothes for children. Children love to get dirty and they grow out of their clothing so quickly.

Twice a year Little Acorn families and friends join together to socialize, share a meal,  and swap their children's gently or moderately worn clothing with one another! Share a meal, have some laughs, build and strengthen friendships with other parents, and SAVE money by swapping cute and functional children's clothing with other families.

Dates are scheduled way in advance on the calendar, so there is plenty to swap at the time of our gathering!




Does a few hours all to yourself one Saturday morning a month sound like bliss?


For a few hours one Saturday a month during Spring, Summer and Fall The Friends of the Forest program takes your child out to exploring a beautiful park, hiking trail, farm or forest. 


Contact the director for prices and scheduling for the Friends of the Flowers and Forest program.

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