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Another School Year Begins

And so another year at Little Acorn begins. Some new friends and old, joined us this week at Little Acorn. Some were returning students ready to engage again in the Waldorf inspired nature program we have here, while other students were new to Little Acorn, or in some cases, their first day at school ever! We were delighted to have our new class all together. As an art project, we ice-dyed our meal bags we use each day. The children helped Mr. Joel prepare the organic lunch. The food always tastes better to them when they help.

We also has a big surprise to shared with our new students. We added two cute and adorable bunnies as class pets. The kids spent a lot of time this week petting and playing with Peanut (Brown Bunny) and Butter (White Bunny). One of our mamas shared that it was all her little one talked about after their first day!

We do have just a few spots left in this year for late arrivals if you still our looking for a program in the Asheville area. Visit the "Contact Us" page to reach out.

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